To speak to a Counsellor call: FREEPHONE 1800 477 477 - UK and Northern Ireland: 00800 477 477 77


Phone Counselling

Phone counselling involves speaking to a qualified and experienced counsellor over the phone at a time and place that suits you, no matter where you live. You can choose:

  • To call whenever you feel the need to talk, with no appointment or arrangement in advance
  • To receive regular one-to-one therapy, which involves a call for a fixed time with the same counsellor. This option is similar to face-to-face counselling.

Supportive Counselling and Therapeutic Counselling

  • Supportive counselling may suit you if you want to talk about your experience. It normally involves shorter phone calls over a number of weeks until you feel more able to cope with everyday life. After a few calls you may start to feel much better.
  • Therapeutic counselling may suit you if your experience is affecting your present life and you want help to change this. This is more in-depth and involves scheduled therapy sessions for a number of months. After some time you may begin to understand more about the difficulties you are experiencing and become more able to take control of your life.